forest pastured pigs

If you're interested in finding a more economical way to buy our fantastic pork while also using the whole animal, buying a half pig is a good option for you. Our pigs are raised in our surrounding forests, allowing them to express their natural tendencies to root and forage. In addition to what they find in our woods, we supplement the pigs' forage with local, non gmo grain and leftover vegetables from our gardens. The time spent outdoors scavenging on a variety of items enhances the flavour, texture and colour of the meat.



List of available products

1/2 Pig - $250.00
Av. 55 - 60lbs


2 x Boston butt roasts (deboned)

2 x pork loin roasts
6 x bone-in pork chops (pack of 2)
4 x bone in pork chops, hotel cut (pack of 2)
1 x tenderloin

2 x spareribs
6 x bacon

4 x leg roasts (deboned)

2 x osso buco (pack of 2)

How It works

  1. Place your order before noon on Thursday for delivery on Saturday. You will receive a confirmation email with your pick-up date.

  2. Pick up your order at our farm stand at Jean-Talon Market on Saturday between 8:00am and 10:00am.

1/2 Pig

Purchase a forest pastured pig and receive a variety of cuts.
Raised with the utmost care and respect towards the animal and our environment.
Flash frozen and vacuum sealed to provide the highest quality.

*Please note that our products will be delivered frozen, however will be stored in a refrigerator at the delivery point. It is the responsibility of the customer to pick-up the order between the indicated times.

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